Japanese Cultural Festival
May 11, 2019


The purpose of Santa Fe JIN is to introduce the unique culture of Japan and to provide opportunities for those who wish to participate in the cultural diversity of Santa Fe. Our activities focus on creating a platform for multicultural communications in Northern New Mexico. We aim to promote understanding of Japanese traditions and practices through hosting fun and educational programs, the most prominent being that of the Japanese Cultural Festival (Matsuri). We also encourage cultural exchanges to expand the relationship between Santa Fe and Japan for further mutual understanding.

It is our pleasure to provide support and information to our members so that we can work as a cultural bridge in this global world.









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Festival Update

To be successful, the Japanese Cultural Festival requires a lot of effort from a lot of people throughout the year.
Let's see how preparations are going for 2019!
The most important part of the festival is YOU!

This project is supported in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, and by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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Casey Janes

President & Board Member
Member since 2009 and President since 2016, Casey works to expand Santa Fe JIN’s presence throughout New Mexico. Casey also serves as Director of the Japanese Cultural Festival.

Maggie Phoenix

Secretary & Board Member

Tom Himrod

Treasurer & Board Member

Matthew Schauer


Rose Himrod

Board Member

Bernd Phoenix

Board Member

Rie Shiroshita

Board Member

Carl Tollander

Board Member

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